Asmo Grimae is a freelance artist living in Germany, working with a distinct dark fantasy art style and inspiration coming from a passion for story telling and imagination.
Most of his work revolves around a personal world building project, involving a wild world in which the face of the earth is under constant change by the will of dragons - a world also involving the Book of the Sun project.

You can follow Asmo on the following websites for more artwork and behind the scenes:


Any inquiries for work can be sent to the following e-mail address:


Published in:

- Wanderlust, A Mythology Anthology (2019)
- Classics I (Nova and Mali) (2021)
- Big Bad Booklets (Hit Point Press) (2022)
- Blackbirds RPG (Zweihander RPG) (2022)
- Churn, Stroke, Burn (Orbital Intelligence LLC) (2022)
- And They Were Monsters (Nova and Mali) (est 2024)
- Anna's Roundtable (2022 - ongoing)
and more